Weight Loss Program

A medical weight loss program is customized according to patient needs for personalized treatment. It is a non-surgical alternative for losing weight that requires medical monitoring, allowing safe weight loss.

If you’re looking to lose weight and are in search of a medical weight loss program, chances are you’ve tried just about everything- from fad diets to exercise regimes, spending hours at the gym hoping to see results. Bear in mind that it is usually not the lack of trying but is, in fact a need for an alternative weight-loss method.

Diets and exercises have become central for most people’s weight loss efforts. For many, this method delivers results, but only a few manage to sustain it for long. A long-term weight loss with diet and exercise has a better success rate with an inclusion of a medical weight loss team.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a weight loss plan created, supervised, and presented by a team of healthcare providers. This team typically includes a licensed physician, a nurse and a dietitian, as well as a fitness trainer. The program doesn’t just communicate on how to eat healthy and exercise the right way, but also includes lifestyle changes and reduce the behaviors that have caused weight gain in the first place.

A medical weight loss program is unique to fit individual needs. The objective is not only to lose weight but also to plearn healthy solutions for maintaining weight and being a healthier person overall.

What Does A Medical Weight Loss Program Include?

While every medical weight loss program is specific, most of the programs provide medical assistance, which will help with modifying a person’s behavior through diet and exercise, offering nutrition education, providing appetite suppressant options and providing weight loss boosters.

All of this together can simplify the weight loss experience. Medical weight loss candidates will work side by side with doctors, nutritionists, and, dietitians who will explain how to eat well and exercise correctly.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Weight Loss?

There are numerous benefits to joining a medical weight loss program, such as the following:


One of the main advantages of this type of program is that it is unique for each individual. The doctors will assess the current lifestyle, activity level, weight and overall health of the patient to create the best program — this means that the goals are specific to the needs of the person and the changes that are asked to be made will directly influence the results.

It is supervised

A medical weight loss program candidate doesn’t have to be concerned with not eating properly, not working out enough or investing in unproven remedies. Carefully planned, each program is supervised. The atmosphere is non-judgmental and accepting. Everybody slips, and we are all human. The program is created to get the candidate to a healthy weight with support all around.

It can provide long-term success

While everyone can lose weight with a crash diet or the newest fad, it doesn’t typically produce lasting success. Another benefit to this type of program is that an individual will learn lifestyle-changing skills, and long-term success is achievable. Medical weight loss does not just give a person tools to lose weight; it offers support and skills to help an individual make a weight management lifestyle part of their daily life. Want a safe and effective way to lose weight? Burn calories and keep your hunger pangs away by using Drnewmed’s Medical Weight Loss program in Arizona. Carefully modeled by our doctors to make sure your body is in check without losing out on the nutrients required for your body.

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