Primary Care

Following up with patients is essential in primary care. But making sure that patients visit the office regularly for follow-ups can be quite a task. Telehealth is a service backed by technology that allows one to recreate the physician visit as just another phone call without traveling. For appointments that don’t require a physical examination, offering telemedicine is a boon. Telehealth lends itself well to primary care allowing further reach in treating patients wherever there is an Internet connection. Regular visits with primary care practitioners is essential to your family’s health. Telemedicine makes it easy to connect with a doctor or healthcare expert. 

Setting up appointments remotely using Conducting telemedicine has a substantial advantage for both doctors and patients. Here are a few of the benefits.

Better Health Management

Complying with follow-up recommendations is more comfortable with virtual appointments as it increases patient interaction. Being able to see your medic as frequently as you need to, with virtual visits, can help you practice better management of your medication, lifestyle, and any chronic illnesses that you might have.

Ease and Convenience

Traveling when you are sick can be challenging. You don’t have to drive to the doctor’s clinic or wait in the sitting room with telemedicine. You can consult a doctor from the comfort of your own place. Virtual appointments can be easier to fit in with your busy schedule where leave time from work is difficult to arrange. 

Controlling the Spread of Infectious Disease

Telehealth appointments help prevent the spread of flu and other infectious diseases. Doctors can use virtual appointments to consult patients for possible contagious diseases. It also prevents sick patients from having to travel to the office. Less exposure to other people helps everybody, especially those who are pregnant, elderly, and have low immunity.

Easier Access to Care 

Missed appointments and failure to follow up with treatments can hinder the long-term health of patients. By using telemedicine, access to care is better, making patients more engaged in treatment plans.

No More Sitting In the Waiting Room

Even with the finest office equipped with the latest technology and information, busy individuals and business professionals still prefer to avoid waiting rooms. They’ll appreciate the option to take the appointment from their home or office.

Patient Satisfaction

For busy patients, long-distance and the hassle of battling traffic is a huge barrier to seeing the doctor. Visiting the doctor remotely with telemedicine makes accessing care easy, giving them one less thing to worry about.

Reduced Costs

Patients spend a lot of time and money seeking medical attention. With a virtual visit, consultations are carried out through phone, laptop, and other digital devices that reduce the costs of traveling, parking, childcare, and taking time off work. At DrNewMed, we offer primary care services in Arizona. To experience the benefits of telemedicine in Primary Care in Arizona, consult our doctors at online today.

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