Working from Home

Getting out of the bed every morning and NOT having to rush out to the office with the bustling traffic almost feels dreamlike, doesn’t it? Working from home can bring a lot of advantages such as better work-life balance, reduced commute stress, economic savings, and so on. While the benefits are many, staying healthy while working from home can be challenging. 

Following are few risks associated with working remotely.

Sedentary Lifestyle

There is no doubt that sitting for long periods is terrible for your health. When you sit for extended hours, you end up using less energy than you would while standing or moving. According to recent findings conducted by NCBI, prolonged sitting imposes a high risk for cardiometabolic disease. A Sedentary Lifestyle is a new health risk that is far more damaging than smoking, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

Taking a break that is as small as 10 minutes can also make a world of difference. 

Stress Eating

Easy access to the refrigerator and pantry can cause you to crave calorie-dense food from time to time. The availability of food in the house often makes us reach for snacks. Boredom and stress can also make you binge on food. This, coupled with extended sitting, can cause excessive weight gain. Working remotely can cause you to miss out on incidental exercises such as moving around in the office, climbing stairs, walking to the office, and so on. 

To avoid unhealthy eating, stack up healthy foods such as fruits, granola bars, and salads. Make them accessible to avoid eating calorie-dense foods.

Background Noise

Working from home brings with it the baggage of background distractions. From children attending online classes to the sounds of television or radio, sounds may not only cause distractions but may also make you miss out on details during video meetings. However, using earphones to eliminate background sounds may not always be the best approach, as high volume settings can be damaging to the ears.

Try to reduce or eliminate background noises by choosing a quieter place. Use good quality noise cancellation earphones and remain mindful of the volume settings.

Eye Problems

Just as how your body requires a break, so do your eyes. Working from home can result in excessive screen time, which can be damaging to your retina. The blue light from the devices we use is also a significant cause of eye strain.

Look away from the screen at something that is 20 feet away from you. Do this every 20 minutes to make sure your eyes get a chance to recover and avoid headaches.

Back Pain

A poorly designed office set-up can aggravate back and muscle pains. Sitting in an asymmetrical or crooked position can lead to overuse of muscles and cause them to tighten up. This can cause strain on the neck, back, shoulder and arms.

Maintain good posture by sitting up straight with legs approximately parallel to the floor. Stand up and move around once in a while to avoid stiffness of the muscles. 

If you are facing back pain or strain, don’t forget to reach out to our doctors online at DrNewMed or visit our pain management clinic in Pennsylvania. It is important that you consult a healthcare experts before it gets worse.


While working remotely can be liberating for some people, the loneliness that comes with it can trigger anxiety. Being disconnected from your co-workers, friends, and bosses can make you feel unsure about your performance and job security making you anxious.

Make sure you talk to your co-workers and loved ones via texts or calls to ensure you stay connected. Keep your windows open to get some fresh air, and add some plants to your sitting area to feel calm.

Take Care of your Health

Negligence of health is easier when you are working from home. But remember it is simple to incorporate healthy living and wellness into your work life. By making small, healthier choices, you will see a significant change in your physical well-being and your mental health.  If you’re looking for more work-from-home advice, reach out to us at; we’ll deliver you the right advice straight from our healthcare experts.

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