Living with diabetes can be challenging, especially when it comes to monitoring blood glucose levels. Traditionally, people with diabetes had to prick their finger several times a day to measure their blood sugar levels. But thanks to advancements in technology, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems have made it easier for people with diabetes to manage their blood glucose levels. In this blog post, we’ll explore what CGM is, what it measures, and the benefits of using it to manage diabetes.

What is continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)?

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a technology that allows people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels in real-time. CGM systems use a small sensor that is placed under the skin to measure glucose levels in the fluid around the body’s cells. The sensor then sends this data to a receiver or a smartphone app that displays the glucose levels, along with trends and alerts.

What Can CGM Measure for People with Diabetes?

CGM systems measure glucose levels in interstitial fluid, which is the fluid found between cells. This measurement is not the same as a traditional fingerstick blood glucose test, which measures glucose levels in the bloodstream. However, research has shown that interstitial fluid glucose levels closely correlate with blood glucose levels, making CGM an accurate tool for monitoring blood glucose levels.

The Importance of Tracking Blood Sugar Levels for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels to help manage their condition. When blood glucose levels are high (hyperglycemia), it can cause damage to organs and nerves over time. On the other hand, low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) can lead to seizures, unconsciousness, and even death. Monitoring blood glucose levels regularly can help people with diabetes prevent these complications and adjust their treatment plan accordingly.

Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Necessary to Manage Diabetes?

CGM is not a necessity for managing diabetes. However, CGM can provide valuable insights into blood glucose trends and fluctuations that may not be apparent through traditional fingerstick blood glucose testing. CGM can also provide real-time alerts when blood glucose levels are too high or too low, allowing for quicker treatment interventions.

What are the advantages of using CGM to manage diabetes?

  1. Improved glycemic control: CGM systems can help people with diabetes maintain better glycemic control. A study published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology found that CGM users had lower HbA1c levels (a measure of average blood glucose levels over the past three months) than those who used traditional fingerstick testing.
  2. Fewer hypoglycemic episodes: CGM systems can also help reduce the number of hypoglycemic episodes experienced by people with diabetes. A study published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics found that CGM users had fewer severe hypoglycemic events than those who used traditional fingerstick testing.
  3. Better quality of life: CGM can help improve the quality of life for people with diabetes by reducing the burden of monitoring blood glucose levels. CGM systems require fewer fingersticks and can provide more accurate and detailed glucose data.
  4. Personalized treatment plans: CGM data can provide valuable insights into blood glucose trends and fluctuations that can inform treatment decisions. CGM data can help people with diabetes make informed decisions about their diet, exercise, and medication.

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is a valuable tool for managing diabetes. CGM can help improve glycemic control, reduce hypoglycemic episodes, improve the quality of life, and provide valuable insights into blood glucose trends. If you have diabetes, speak to your healthcare provider about whether CGM may be a useful tool for you.

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