winter wellness

Taking care of our health and staying well is always a top priority; however, it is all the more important to take care of ourselves during winters. Since viruses tend to sustain longer in cold temperatures and lower humidity, you’re more likely to fall sick as the chilly weather kicks in. As per CDC, millions of common cold cases are reported each year in the United States alone. With adults getting colds 2-3 times a year on average, the tendency is higher in Children.

But then, don’t let the cold weather ruin your festive cheer. Check out these winter health tips to ensure you stay healthy throughout the winter holiday season and keep away diseases.

Maintain a healthy Diet plan of Fruit and Veggies 

If you want to stay healthy through the winter season, you must improve your diet. As per the latest (2020-2025) Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 80% of Americans do not consume enough fruits, and almost 90% do not consume enough vegetables.

Your body needs plenty of antioxidants and vitamins to maintain good health and strengthen the immunity system. Plan a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and loads of fruits and vegetables. Add in winter vegetables from beets to squash, whatever is in season. Cut salty snacks and sugary treats from your diet and switch to more greens and whole foods. 

Take Vitamin C, D, and Zinc

Vitamin D helps our body regulate calcium to keep our bones, teeth, and muscles strong. We primarily get vitamin D from sunlight and proper nutrition. Soak in vitamin D from some natural sunlight. But remember to wear sunscreen before heading out. Identifying a healthy vitamin D level for yourself is tricky. If you’re unsure or think you may be vitamin D deficient, discuss with a physician, who may direct testing, and prescribe vitamin D supplements if needed.

Make sure you are taking an optimum intake of foods rich in vitamin C. Zinc is a mineral that is vital to keep your immune system strong and prevent diseases. Include foods like whole grains, nuts, and beans in your meals as these are good sources of zinc.

Maintain good Hygiene 

Wash Your Hands regularly & sanitize your surroundings every now and then. Germs can get on your hands from varied sources. Therefore, wash your hands frequently using soap and water or use a water-based hand sanitizer to remove to protect yourself from viruses and other infections.

Apart from this, make it a habit to clean and wipe out frequently touched surfaces like tables, countertops, doorknobs, phones, etc. in order to kill germs.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated 

Everyone talks about staying hydrated during summer but did you know you can be at a high risk of dehydration during winters? Since many of us don’t feel as thirsty when the temperature drops, we forget to drink water. But being less thirsty does not necessarily mean you’re hydrated. Regardless of the temperature outside, your body loses moisture from respiration, perspiration, urination, and bodily function throughout the day. 

Replace this water loss by drinking more. Don’t rely on thirst or sweat as an indicator to hydrate yourself. Stay away from alcohol, and caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea, as these will only further dehydrate you. 

Stay hydrated to provide nutrients to body cells, remove toxins, and balance body fluids.

Moisturize Often to Avoid Skin-related Issues

Cold air and low humidity can cause dry, itchy, flakey skin, chapped lips, and cracked heels. Moisturize your skin frequently to avoid damage to your skin. If your skin gets dry more than usual in winters, increase your water intake. Limit your showers to no more than 10 minutes and use an oil-based moisturizer.


Dry and harsh winter air can also weaken mucus barriers naturally present in the nose, mouth, and lungs, causing viruses to get to your body. Thus, follow these simple winter tips to ensure your body remains healthy enough to fight various diseases. If you haven’t done it already, take the time out of your busy holiday plans and get an annual check-up. Consult with us at DrNewMed to book an appointment for a virtual or in-person visit.